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Weight loss the right way

It is admirable to want to be healthy, with the right weight and size that will help our bodies run optimally. This is why when someone is overweight, the conscious decision to commit to a weight loss journey is commendable. 

However, how much is too much? 

People have subjected themselves to punishing regimens and unrealistic ideals just to look a certain way, forgetting that there is a right and wrong way to lose weight. 

The right way to lose weight involves making your diet work for you instead of starving yourself altogether. It doesn't mean avoiding a food group, like carbohydrates, because nobody can survive without them. It doesn't mean fasting for days because that will just invite ulcers to the stomach lining. Pills and teas are filled with steroids and without a healthy lifestyle change, do nothing for you.

Some people don't even know that some thyroid conditions and hormonal imbalance cause them to add weight, and if this is not fixed, no amount of starving will do the trick. 

There is a right way to lose weight. Instead of not eating bread or rice at all, why not switch to whole wheat bread or unrefined rice for a healthier alternative? Add vegetables - fresh, not overcooked- liberally to the diet. Indulge in fruits and healthy snacks like nuts instead of processed food. Drink lots of water. Put in a few hours of exercise every day, even if it is a daily walk or joining a gym. 

You will see consistent, permanent results, and feel healthier for it. Don't fall for the lose-weight-quick schemes out there, and don't envy anyone their fast journey. With consistency and patience, you will get the body you've always dreamed of.

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you are on point, just become a vegetarian the most effective way to loose weight

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