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How to survive a break up of a long-term relationship? Let's discuss!

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UncleTuvle1 May 18

Pretance, now completely say no to her

MhashTaG254 May 18

It's normal so learnt to control your feelings

Brainy005 May 17



What is was a new here?

Ramayan3223 May 17

I am a new comer here i am happy to find you here thank

UncleTuvle1 May 17

Dont focus in the problem but instead luk for the solution ma dia i beg unever to stressup urself

fabafaith May 03

I kw it hurt bt mk ur self busy 4get dat ad continue wiz life gals r many she z nt da only one ad alwayz pray 2 jesus


AM da sameting u r tokin ov bt da gal was 2 gud 2 me bt 4rm no wea she stoped toking wid me plz guyz help me 4get ha

IZzJezza Apr 26

Lv as mny as ps'ble n dnt trust


this is BS, just believe fate!

ashley2288 Apr 25

Get another soulmate, forget & move on with lyf. 4 experience is da best teacher

Easybwoy2 Apr 20

It Love dat breacks ppls heart and it lve dat hils

RENIZ01 Apr 12

let it hurt,feel and let it heal

G20Kiss Jan 25

Yea i think datz just funny

Zahn33 Dec 28 2019


Vinhokick Nov 08 2019

nt real possible for other

djallanpro Aug 27 2019

it can happen

chidric Jun 14 2019


greiv19 Feb 28 2019

I'm looking for love a life time partner