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What are the signs that you’re with a good man?

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visit1999 May 04

trust man iz like..


A gud girl must always be ready 4 her partner

JAYRAY19 Nov 29 2019

A gud girl shuld always b faithful 2 his partner both in terms of sorrow and joy


Agood woman shd be romantic

RoskyVirus Aug 21 2019


Martin2002 May 01 2017

A good girl should chart with every body

LEONARD3010 Dec 26 2016

socool very nice couple.and i need

OttySparta1 Oct 15 2016

Happy couples

BABAETU Sep 25 2016

i dnt support any of e abve both shld be like an apple which is a dicoteledon bur is one shld be

SEZA96 Jul 30 2016


evan34 Mar 21 2016


Secretkhemikal Jan 31 2016

A gud guy shuld trust his gal no mata de situation n always luv her wit a pure heart

Dombluno Jan 16 2016

i also tink dat a gud guy shld also love and be wid one woman

Item8400 Jan 13 2016

Bhim bhim bhim

Adonteng Jan 12 2016

A good girl shld always love one man.

GAMEBOI16 Jan 11 2016

hi guys

Edwardbangura Jan 07 2016

yes thats true

OCHAPY19 Jan 07 2016


Bobby4740 Jan 05 2016

A good girl shld also love her man

teknoromeo Jan 04 2016

A good man alway has a pure heart to luv his patner