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LadyNaija just said:

Things to keep away from your lady parts

As much as you want your vee-jay-jay city to be perfectly groomed and breathing flowery fragrance for your man to nestle in, remember not to get too … More >

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buddyboo: interesting :) i must tell the ladies

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LadyNaija just said:

What living with a man is like?

Are you about to move in with the love of your life but you don’t know what to expect? Well, no time as now to discover common things that are bo… More >

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LadyNaija just said:

What happens when you date someone younger?

People tend to regard dating someone half of their age as ‘cradle-snatching.’ Therefore, in their short-sighted opinion dating, someone younger is not… More >

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LadyNaija just said:

Things all men want to hear from a woman

There are certain things that men everywhere itch to hear from the opposite sex, especially the love of their life. To get your man affectionately … More >

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