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Date for value

Oh yeah! I sense some eyebrows raising questioningly at the title of this piece but in case you think it was a typographical error, I meant every … More >

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cutelizzy93: Gud advice indeed,sum guys date a lady jst 4 sex too,so many out there.
Andy1010202030: dis dayz,ehh u try to approch a lady,next tin she will demand is 200 MTN card,for her to give u her attention.

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LadyNaija just said:

Five smart styling tricks for a small living room

The living room is the centre of the house. It is the meeting place of the family, the entertainment centre, the visitor’s lounge, and sometimes even … More >

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LadyNaija just said:

Alternative ways to relieve menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are no joke. Ranging from slight pinches of pain to full blown debilitating cramps, they can be so painful that some women cannot … More >

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LadyNaija just said:

Basic accessories for every lady

Apart from clothes and shoes, accessories are necessary to bring an outfit together. Every lady knows the power of a strategically placed handbag, or … More >

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