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Singlemumsandadsonline just said:

Many r undergoing a serious nd sorrowful marital situations yet nothing is done,ure free to join us here as we rub minds!

BISHOP202029 Sep 30

I need a single dad with experience or a Windower who wants to remarry not child play oo age 35 to 45

Debycanty1 Sep 18

Good m all

manbluv Sep 11

i need a lady within sagamu

Davido19746 Sep 10

i need a single mum arround ikorodu garriage, maya, ibeshe, itamaga, ewu elepe side

israelopeyemi55 Aug 22

l need woman friend 30 to 45 in age

israelopeyemi55 Aug 22

l need woman friend age 30 to 45

LookNice4 Jul 31

I need a widow for marriage call me 09048823580

LookNice4 Jul 23

any widow who want to remarry whatshap me on 08032524105

eberuadigun Jul 15

I need a lady or single mum for hook up,around idimu, ejigbo, orisunmibare, shasha. Egbeda me or flash me 07014216858

dondayland Jul 08

Hello, anyone in d house