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PERFECT_LOVE just said:

what is love? u can quote from the bible, or your own view of love.

felly121994 Apr 29

Love is God

Andrew081 Aug 15 2018

love is lik a tree, it wen its nortured

Vijay1093 Jun 02 2018

Love is life

KUNE2 Apr 13 2018

Love is all possative things of this world !

angel2123 Mar 27 2018

it is a mutual feeling between two people

mutasimadam Mar 27 2018

love is the best sensation

grace1630 Feb 21 2018

4 me luv is an affection dat cover all thing

Antwani Dec 17 2017

love is the act of will and the well been of your partner.

Vima18 Oct 12 2017

Luv is GOD

harbeey101email Oct 05 2017

for my own,love is a crime which we cnt hold back but invisible