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PERFECT_LOVE just said:

how'll u feel abt this from ur lova ""I'll give you 12 roses, 11 real, and 1 fake. I'll stop loving you when the last rose dies.""

Freeman12z Aug 11 2019

true love is understanding feelings in relationships

ify2876 May 07 2019

love is spiritual because it recognise iniquity.

MGMS Nov 20 2018

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MRAjalloh Jan 29 2018

may more life to cam

jekolars5120 Nov 15 2017

i we feel so sad about that

inam27 Sep 01 2017

love is never been faithful itself, love is not guaranteed

ADG1234 Aug 24 2017


Kaphili Feb 22 2016

datx nice coz the fake wan can't die!!!

jekolars5120 Jan 25 2016

Love is patient and kind love is not jealous it does not brag does not keep account of the injury

edumras Dec 16 2015