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chiboi2005: i need a gal dat is pretty age 14 2 date can i get 1
faith1402: Hi guys
Tolulope1234: hi, i need a lady 2 date here
pajerry17: i need a Babe frm imo 2hock up with
Aari1992: Hii8ii
Aari1992: Hkoqsdfu
Khall039meHakok: Am new her
Khall039meHakok: Am I welcome
LegonaDoweller: Any lady 4 dating
DHVAN: Watsap guy mi jst wanna say eyo..
Precious5831: i need love here
CHOZENKIZ: I need a manager
scofiod2: hi guys l need a kul welcome plz.
Frank0694: l need a gal here age 15 2 date around mbarara can l get her?
Etzdonlittle022: Pls am a new member her, can i find a gal of 17 or 18 as my gf
Preety19951995: Is there anyone?
DHVAN: 19951995 yo hw a u doing
DHVAN: 19951995 yo hw a u doing
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